When Jesus walked the earth, He was approachable and loved deeply. Faith for us, should feel that way too; welcoming & filled with love. The Walk out on the Water book series hopes to guide us in understanding this for ourselves. Life is full of both JOY and PAIN. Faith does not exclude us from suffering but God does promise to meet us in both our joy and in our pain and give us hope, peace and an ability to love beyond what may deem possible.


This series of books is written in a colloquial fashion, allowing for easy reading. The books are ideal for any reader who longs to add more structure and depth to their quiet time.


Meet the Author:

Caitlyn de Beer is a wife to Hendrik and a mother of 2. She's a best selling South African author, life coach, preacher, international speaker and previously lectured in Psychology at University level. She is based in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Caitlyn speaks at companies, conferences, churches and women's events around South Africa. As a Life Coach, Caitlyn has coached more than 600 women, from 13 countries worldwide.

When she’s not inspiring individuals and audiences to live faith-filled & inspirational lives, you can find her loving on the poor in the Valley of 1000 Hills, on a run or hike with her husband and 2 kids, enjoying a quiet glass of wine or at her beach house on the coast, where she finds her inspiration!

South African Christian author
South African Christian author
South African Christian author
South African Christian author


Kelly Lubbee

Kelly Lubbee: Book designer

Kelly Lubbee is mama to a little girl and worshipper with her musical husband.

She loves Jesus, natural living and meaningful conversations.

As part of her skillset, she is a graphic designer with a love for minimalist design that allows you to breathe and enjoy.



Darylle Ziady

Darylle Ziady: Cover artist of Walk out on the Water for women

Architect and Fine Artist, Darylle Ziady recently stepped out of the hustle of an office job to follow her dreams of an intentional life based around slowness, adventure and the pursuit of meaning.

Darylle’s creative journey focuses on the observation of the beauty of Creation through painting, drawing and designing space.

Sue Keal

Sue Keal: Co-author of Walk out on the Water for kids

Sue is a wife, mother of 3 and proud Gogo of her 2 precious grandchildren. With an honours degree in Psychology, experience as both a teacher and lecturer and with a love for the outdoors, Sue finds joy in inspiring young children through lessons from nature.

Sue is also Caitlyn’s mum.